The 2 knots you need to know

What is a good knot ?

It is a knot designed in a Cradle to Cradle philosophy, meaning;

– have a good functionality : therefore will hold whatever the load you put on them

– are easy to disassemble in order to reuse the rope (and not cut it because it has been totally locked under tension): therefore easy to untie, even if you have put a tension of 20 tons on them

The knots you may use in the 2 most occurring situations are;

Bowline knot


The bowline is used to attached something loose at the extremity of the rope. You can not do it if the rope is under tension. Once done you may apply the tension, it will just lock immediately. Once the tension is released you can untie it very easily.

Clove Hitch knot

clove hitch

This one may be used to create or maintain a tension between 2 elements you tie together. It is the knot the sailor use when docking a boat. In construction it can be used to stretch a cord for leveling a wall for example. More than 2 loops can be made to increase the adhesion to the support.


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