Permaculture Design in the Tropics

We focus on tropical Permaculture and have started since 2011 the  regeneration of a land depleted and compacted by slash and burn techniques.

We already experience after few years of involvement in a rapid ecosystem succession, the intense pleasure of seeing a young forest growing. A forest made mainly of fruit trees, fertilizing trees, wind breakers, soil breakers, timber trees and endemic species. This young forest provides not only food but as well the fertility and the biomass which can be used for vegetable production.

Systemic approach is particularly important in the tropics since we  cannot rely on soil fertility (bacterial activity and organic matter degradation is 3 times more important than in temperate climate creating the need for constant regeneration) and every aspect of design is necessary to build a resilient ecosystem.

Our ambition is
– to explore as many Permaculture methods and techniques as possible in our current context,
– develop a concrete and usable know how on the field and
– share this know how by showing its genesis in the concepts of Systemic Approach using the Permaculture framework,

Permaculture is per essence an open and dynamic vision of the world, reason we include in our training a high level review of related concepts and domains; sustainability, thermodynamic, bio-mimicry, Cradle to Cradle and circular economy, soil microbiology, project methodology, information management, systemic simulation, economics.


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