The volunteer should bring its tent (possibility of renting a tent and lodging in dormitory). The camping includes all basic facilities (toilets, showers, kitchen with electricity, protected area), Wifi.

General Information

Volunteers activity is based on training with a large spectrum of techniques. The aim is to give autonomy and enhance creativity of volunteers through transfer knowledge and support. Our objective is providing practical training as well as to enlarge the vision of sustainability. It includes theory (English, Portuguese, French) on Permaculture design, Carbon farming, Agroforestry, Reforesting, Soil regeneration and Microbiology, fundamentals like Closed Loop, Bio-mimicry, Thermodynamics, Synergy and Systemic Approach applied to agroecology. These concepts are popularized and do not require scientific background.

You may find complete information in the following document (in Portuguese, please use Google Translate)
The village with supermarkets is located 1,5km from the site.
The sand beach is located 990 m by foot from the site with residential access.
The participation related to volunteering are used for

  • a complete and balanced diet, including some of our organic production
  • buying and maintaining the training center tools, materials, infrastructure
  • buying plants for reforestation and horticulture
  • Services fees (energy, water, taxes, …)

The first day of arrival is dedicated to settling and getting familiar with the community, the infrastructure and the surroundings. Volunteers have essential commodities within the site and access to town commodities 20 minutes by foot.

Smoking is allowed only in certain areas.


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