Feedback from students and volunteers


…was very welcoming from the beginning. He seemed to be quite apt at assigning me tasks that provided a fun and challenging learning experience suited to my level of experience. His occasional interceptions for a quick edifying demonstration or instructions are possible to receive as dogmatic or dismissive if you are sensible to criticism, but for me they were always helpful and justified by his relative advance in skill and expertise …

…And I got even more: the experience of what permaculture is like in a tropical country (Stephane has a big knowledge about this subject plus lots of information to share!), sharing meals in an outdoor kitchen and seeing the most exciting variety of insects under the most amazing night sky…

…This is a great opportunity to learn hands on this beautiful way of taking care of the earth. You’ll have a good balance of theory and practice every week day, guided by Stephane who is always present to answer your questions and help you and tries to match your interests with your learning experience…

…show us many power points about the practices learned that day, but also very interesting documentaries ranging from soil (vs. dirt), recycling, composting, reforestation, etc.. It was really very helpful to have the theory to re-emphasize the practices learned…
Mary Elisabeth

…The accommodation is nice and rustic, the adobe houses are more luxurious but i still miss my tent and hammock home. Food is always tasty, local and nutritious. Also flexible if you ever want to eat something special or not eat something then it should not be a problem.The course itself is really great. So interesting, good balance of practical work and theory work. Also very flexible, if you take a particular interest in a certain area, then you will be rewarded. …

… learned a lot about a lifestyle close to and determined by nature. I camped next to a mango tree, was accompanied by a bunch of chicken when showering outside and every night I listened to a concert of the sounds of nature….

…My best experience was probably to listen to Stephane presenting theory lessons on broad-based concepts like systems thinking as well as specific concepts such as soil composition and then being able to apply these lessons in the permaculture forest. The world of sustainable agriculture and construction has been opened to me….


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