Western civilization need for permanence

Western culture is the only one having a universal currency equivalence. All other cultures create compartment where financial exchanges are forbidden between compartments. For example you may do commerce within the area of food exchange but cannot make a deal, an exchange, between food and a service of habitat construction if this latter  service belongs to another compartment.

In the western culture a currency value usually defines a human value and this universal equivalence may create a confusion in the way we weight the components of our environment. For example a 10 USD share of a car company will have the same value as the daily work of a child in a developing country. This perspective imposed by the universality of the currency dilute human values in a technocrat vision of the world which in the process lose it’s real semantic, replaced by the value of the mean (money) itself.

We could consider this financial mechanic to be the factor which jeopardise the development  of a real civilisation. And we may as well consider that the main issue in globalization is not really really the quantity and generalization of exchanges but the equivalence of currency between countries with different capabilities to maintain their own compartment stability. 

We may analyse further the concept of compartments and how it appears in our current democracies, what shape it takes.

What makes the link between finance and the  social realm is politics. A government will vote a budget which represents the importance we will give to a compartment. This amount for education, this amount for health, this one for public transport, etc. Without forbidding the financial exchanges between compartment it will at least allow a set of necessary compartments having each of them the necessary resources and mechanisms to survive and develop as a part of a civilised world.

The issue comes when successive governments associate different values to these different compartments over time with different budget creating instability and denying sometime the legitimacy of a compartment. For example if public (budget) funding is stopped for education it correspond to the destruction of a compartment as a protected area and financial value generated in another compartment (e.g. industry or Finance ) can put its hand on this compartment through private school education.

The only way to stabilize the protection of the essential compartments which make possible the development of a civilisation would be to define a minimal budget allocation at constitution level creating this way a stable structure for democratic  development. It would bring a framework and stability to the political and financial world. 

The constitution of Europe criticized now days as being a non political therefore simplistic federation based on currency  could be the perfect benchmark to initiate such minimal budget ruling for adherents and allow national and regional customization depending on the different cultures and aspirations. Europe would then become political in its essence and remain non directive for the national variations in short terms politics and economic development ,  and would finally represent an ideal for Europeans .


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