Aquaponics and building on information

I wanted to bring to your attention this exchange between two gentlemen in the realm of social multimedia with David the Good and Rob Bobs, The former an American freedom speaker, the latter an Australian gentle-farmer. Why ? certainly because extremely informative about aquaponics for beginners but maybe mainly because it shows how we can break bubbles in social media when we are open to transit from opinion to information on a personal level. Apparently this was a beneficial interaction providing with fair output on a complex (and local) ecosystem management . Here are the 2 videos, one should not be visualized without the other one;

Provocative and genuine questioning from David

Response from Bob, the expert, having other clues than aquaponics in his pocket;

Response from gentleman David the Good;

If politics on social media could work this way we could certainly build Permanence.

Finally the point of view of Geoff Lawton;


2 thoughts on “Aquaponics and building on information”

  1. Both aspiring and interesting! As an Aquaponics enthusiast myself and a publisher I find blogs and posts such as this one informative and a learning experience. It is amazing how easy it can be to source materials and begin Aquaponics.

    Good Luck with your system and keep the blog updated with your progress…


  2. Hi
    I like your writing style. I’m running a blog about aquaponics. I could give your readers more information about the topic trough a guest post. Are you okay with that?


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