Permaculture in the tropics

A Nova Floresta focus on tropical Permaculture in a humid and / or semiarid context. All functions developed and documented in this website have been implemented, tested, monitored and improved over time in a systemic approach.

The landscape architecture in the tropics is based on a food forest, the only biome (apart from swamps) able to take the best of a very powerful context (humidity, temperature and radiation) were biomass degradation and transformation paces at high speed and need constant regeneration to sustain the ecosystem. Annual plants are not able alone to create a regenerative framework and need to rely on perennials to exist in this context.

Integration of a vegetable garden in a food forest is supported by the surplus of energy (biomass) generated by the food forest and its fauna.

Monoculture is not sustainable in the tropics and needs to be replaced by horticulture, more diverse and more productive, integrating animals, trees and perennials and small units of cereals.

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