Training & Volunteering

Permaculture workshops

We propose a complete set of workshops. Our specificity is to have developed a set of tools allowing our students to make a link between Permaculture and the empowerment given by systemic approach. These tools are

  • a practical and easy way to understand the systemic modeling which goes beyond the classical 12 principles of Permaculture
  • a simulation platform associated with a step by step and versatile design construction method
  • coaching students on becoming autonomous in acquiring Permaculture knowledge in a local context

Workshops include :

  • step by step land regeneration and food forest settlement in the tropics
  • various green building techniques (house building, clay oven building, water heating system, food drying feature, water catchment, …)
  • a university like approach to Permaculture, meaning that we break the boundaries of the Permaculture 12 principles and give a broader vision based on systemic approach. We teach people how to learn autonomously from an ecosystem.
  • an omnipresent link between concepts and practice, a necessary background to become an ecosystem architect.
  • various garden landscaping and techniques adapted to the tropics


Time schedule : 8 hours a day / 5 days a week

Food : Nutritive and balanced Ovo Lacto Vegetarian food associated with nuts, smoothies and organic super food. We consider food as one of the main service provided by a healthy environment and the main drive in Permaculture design (food and habitat are the essential creative events in the food web, including human). Organic food management (production, distribution and processing) is an important part of our knowledge transfer.

Lodging : A separate dormitory for each gender

Read more about the workshops and prices


To apply as a volunteer you need;

  • to be
    • at least 25 years old and motivated in learning sustainability
    • or at least 23 years old and
      • following studies related to environment or architecture
      • or having an agroecological project
  • being autonomous, community wise (having been living independently from your parents at least 1 year)

Although we may consider exceptions based on motivation.

coucher de soleil

We propose low rate for volunteering, meaning that we expect autonomy and community caring. Any degradation made by volunteers will have to be reimbursed since we do not integrate the costs of degraded materials in the costs of stay which would be unfair for others. In exchange of the cost of stay we reforest and we provide with a strong knowledge transfer on agroecology.

We may apply discount in certain cases, depending on the student or volunteer situation and benefits the person can bring to the center (specific knowledge transfer or responsibility handling).

The full payment of the stay (limited to 4 weeks) is done the day of arrival or the next day, depending on the logistic constraints.

Lodging is done in a separate dormitory for each genders. Caring of the house is part of the lodging.

Time schedule : 4 hours on Permaculture, green building activities, community and food processing activities. We start early in the morning to benefit from fresh hours of the day.  Weekend are free.

A selection is made during a talk interview. We discourage visitors looking solely for a cheap and cosy stay closed to the beach.

Every activity on the field is supported by prior explanation on the objective and reason of the activity / Permaculture principles applied / method used / tools used.

Read more about Volunteering and costs


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    1. Hi Noella, the 2019 Pdc in English will take place in July. You may visit the related section of the website for more information about the training. Would you like more specific information please use the website form for direct communication.


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