Workshops on Tropical Permaculture and PDC

Workshops related to Permaculture;

  • Reforestation, land regeneration and food  production in the tropics
  • Green building
  • Production and management of ecosystem nutrients (composting, worm casting, mulching, hugelkultur, …) associated with water management
  • Strategies for a successful agroecology (Scientific concepts, business drives, change management and the benefits  of systemic approach)

Costs : 500 USD for each workshop

Duration : Each workshop last 2 weeks and includes lodging and food.


Anovafloresta proposes a PDC in English through 80 hours of theory, some practice and site design simulation on top of the theory. We use a simple 3d platform to engineer and reverse engineer 2 different scenario of landscape design and learn from the various possible evolutions in the site architecture design .   For the PDC in Portuguese (80 hours) please visit the Portuguese version.

Costs : 580 USD for the PDC (certification) including lodging and food during the stay (2 weeks) . We are located on the Brazilian tourist coast (1200 m from Trancoso Quadrado, 990 m from the beach). It gives the opportunity to enjoy as well few of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

This evolved version of the PDC provide with a stronger and realistic background, specially for people who wish to start a Permaculture farm from scratch, with a controlled budget and a realistic business plan.


2 thoughts on “Workshops on Tropical Permaculture and PDC”

  1. Hello, my name is Diana Warwin. I hope you are well. I am originally from the United States, but I am living on a small piece of land by the ocean here in Arembepe, Camaçari, Bahia. Are you still offering the PDC certification and training?


    1. Hi Diana, you can find some PDC online very affordable. Let me know if you need help to find some. Here we propose 2 formula:
      – 1) masterclass design of 1 week with the development of a personalized 4D site design with a simulation methodology based on a simple DIY platform
      – 2) practical development strategy and practice of 2 weeks for semi-humid tropical context with low tech autonomous approach

      Option 1 is personalized to students context, option 2 is the compilation of 10 years of desertified land regeneration technics in Bahia including the adaptation to climate change with new trends like el niño and la niña.

      You may contact us through WhatsApp for additional information 73 991045860. Stefano.


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