Workshops on Tropical Permaculture and PDC

Workshops related to Permaculture;

  • Reforestation, land regeneration and food  production in the tropics
  • Green building
  • Production and management of ecosystem nutrients (composting, worm casting, mulching, hugelkultur, …) associated with water management
  • Strategies for a successful agroecology (Scientific concepts, business drives, change management and the challenges of systemic approach)

Costs : 500 USD for each workshop

Duration : Each workshop last 2 weeks and includes lodging and food.


Anovafloresta propose a PDC in English in 160 hours instead of 80 hours and includes some practice and design simulation on top of the theory.  For the PDC in Portuguese (80 hours) please visit the Portuguese version.

Costs : 1000 USD for the PDC (certification) including lodging and food during the stay (1 month) . We are located on the Brazilian tourist coast (1500 m from Trancoso, 700 m from the beach). It gives the opportunity to enjoy as well the most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

This extended version of the PDC provide with a stronger background, specially for people who wish to start a Permaculture farm from scratch, with a controlled budget and a realistic business plan.


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